Alex was 10yrs old when I treated her; she had arthritis in her legs for 2 years.  She also had a history of bone cancer that was not exhibiting any symptoms, and had anterior cruciate ligament surgery.  Before our first appointment in person, I checked in with Alex using distant Reiki.  I got the overwhelming feeling that Alex had a heavy heart.  When I got to Alex's home, I worked on her legs, but she really wanted me to work on her heart.  Alex's Mom confirmed my feelings that Alex indeed had a heavy heart.  Alex's Mom thought Alex was bored living in Boston and missed her summer home on the beach where she could swim anytime she wanted.  

During our first session, Alex lay on the floor on her left side and later rolled over so I could work on her right side.  Afterwards, Alex got up to play with her Mom.  A minute later, Alex lay back down and her Mom asked if I would work on Alex's left elbow.  At first, Alex lied down against me on her left side, but then rolled over to give me her left elbow.  Then she put her whole left arm into my hands.  Afterwards, Alex got up and gave me her butt to scratch, which was Alex's true sign of affection.

At Alex's next treatment, her Mom told me how energetic Alex was right after our session together.  I was told that Alex bounded down the hallway to greet her human brother as if she were a puppy.  Her injuries weren't as painful and her heavy heart had lifted.