Angel and the Bunny

Angel is an energetic adolescent puppy.  While happily playing in her back yard, she found a rabbit's nest with live baby bunnies.  Angel started playing with these small creatures and killed one of the tiny rabbits.  Quickly, my niece and I buried the little bunny in the front yard.  Unknown to us there were other baby bunnies.  We captured as many as we saw and kept them safe. 

We couldn't keep the babies as pets, so I found a wonderful veterinary practice with a wildlife ward.  This unusual animal hospital had a separate area where rescued wild life could convalesce.  I drove to the facility, all they required was a donation and they took in the small critters, gave them food, medical care, and kept them warm and safe.  They also let me tour their special animal hospital ward.  There I saw a red tail hawk, domesticated turkey, ducks, and assorted reptiles as well as other wild life.  They were nursed back to health and then released to the wild.

A day or two later, Angel had found yet another bunny and had it in her mouth.  Angel was proud of her prey and dropped the bunny on the back deck and was promptly separated from the injured bunny.  The little rabbit was near death but still breathing.  I came out to take a look and promptly started doing Reiki.  Then I took out a tool I've been using, a mer-isis healing pendulum.  (It has many benefits including strengthening the immune system.)  I held the pendulum over the baby rabbit.  Pretty soon, the breathing of our small friend became less labored; eventually the bunny turned from her side to all fours and eventually started to hop.  We kept the small creature warm and safe over night until I could make another trip to the wildlife rehab animal hospital the next morning.