Caroline is now teaching for
Ivrit la-Kol/Hebrew for All
Prayerbook, Biblical and Modern Hebrew at all Levels

Ivrit la-Kol is a Hebrew literacy collaborative sponsored by:Temple Emunah and Temple Isaiah of Lexington 

Learning to Read
For those who are tired of reading Hebrew in transliteration and regret never having learned the Hebrew alphabet and vowels, this class is appropriate for absolute beginners who want to learn the aleph bet. Expect to be in this class for 2 semesters.  Alef Isn’t Tough will be available for purchase at the first class. 
Monday evenings from 7:30-9:00 pm at Temple Isaiah, Lexington, MA. 

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Private tutoring available

Caroline's Hebrew Education includes; Hebrew School during elementary school years, Orthodox Yeshiva through middle school, Modern Hebrew through high school, college minor Modern Hebrew, current ongoing study in Biblical Hebrew.  
Learn the Alef Bet
Learn to read & write Hebrew 
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