Eddie was a I0 1/2 year old brindle greyhound.  The original complaint was limping and favoring his left front leg.  He responded to my treatments, relaxed, seemed to be in less pain when I left.  However, symptoms always recurred sometimes with more pain.  Eddie's human companions were also taking him to their vet who prescribed a couple of courses of pain medications.  Eddie was later taken to see a specialist and they found bone cancer in the leg I was treating.  Eddie's humans were faced with a very difficult decision of whether to amputate the leg or leave it alone.  The prognosis wasn't good either way.  They were told it's a matter of weeks without surgery, or months with surgery.

A decision was made to amputate Eddie's leg, followed by chemotherapy.  After the surgery, I treated Eddie in the hospital and did some Reiki on him there.  There were also regular visits post surgery in Eddie's home.

For a while Eddie looked like he was doing well.  Then, I got a call from Eddie's Mom who sounded very worried and told me his cancer had spread to at least his first thoracic vertebrae and his neck.  His final chemo treatment was canceled because the cancer had spread so much.

At our next treatment, Eddie ran to greet me, on his three legs.  He settled down very quickly for me and let me work right away.  It was as if he was waiting for me.  He let me work on him for 2 1/2 hours and when I first started to mention leaving, he put pressure on my leg with his head to make sure I didn't go.

During that treatment, Eddie looked great.  His spirits were good, his eyes were bright, he was exuding love, but I also at one point got the sense he was saying 'good-bye' as well.

Reiki always made Eddie feel better.  I also feel like I got to know a wonderful dog.  It was my pleasure to get to know Eddie and his family.