Gus and Lauretta -
What did you do to my cat?
I've known Gus and Lauretta since they were kittens.  They were rescues and are feline companions to some very good friends of mine.  Lauretta has always been very shy but would at least let me touch her.  Gus has always been the more social of the two cats.  Within a few weeks after becoming attuned to Reiki I, I decided to see how Reiki worked on animals.  (My wonderful friend, Sasha, wasn't in my life yet.)  On a visit to see our friends, I took a quiet moment and started stroking Gus. Then, I let my hands settle on his back for a couple of minutes.  When I lifted my hands, Gus seemed much more relaxed.  His humans later told me that when I left, he called for me with a special meow.  That same day, I also put my hands on Lauretta.  She would only tolerate the Reiki for a few seconds and then run away (typical behavior for Lauretta).  Then a few seconds later, Lauretta came back into the room.  She became very affectionate, letting her humans stroke her on her belly, behavior she would normally only do in front of family.  It lasted a few minutes and was wonderful to see.

A couple of years passed.  Our friends acquired two more kittens who were also rescued.  My Shih Tzu, Sasha, became part of my life.  When we all got together, there would be 4 cats, one dog, and four humans.  After some initial hissing, punching, and chasing (by the cats), all of the animals got along.  My friends asked me to look after their cats while they were away.  In addition to feeding them, I decided to give them all some Reiki.  They all responded well.  Lauretta responded markedly well.  When they returned from their trip, our friends told us that Lauretta was more social and calmer than she had ever been before.  They asked, "What did you do to my cat?"  Her personality was that different.  Since that day, whenever we visit, Lauretta is calmer, more social, and seems much less anxious.