When Should I Seek out a 
Healing Session?
Most people seek out my care if conventional veterinary or medical care has not been working and other treatments haven't addressed the issue.  After an energy healing session, both people and animals are usually more relaxed and symptoms of their issue are often reduced.  

In addition, I provide consultations on natural diets for animals and other environmental issues so humans understand how to support the whole picture of their animal's health and well being.
I work with animals who have chronic health issues (arthritis, skin/problems), acute health issues (kidney failure), injuries, behavioral issues (separation anxiety), and vomiting due to anxiety, skittish/shy animals (including fish), chronic barkers, and in preparation for surgery and post surgery. 

People come to me with chronic pain, tendonitis, and high blood pressure, and other issues.  I also work with elders with chronic health issues, including; Parkinson's, Alzheimer's/dementia, congestive heart failure, and diabetes.

Long Term Benefits 
for People and Animals 

While everyone experiences Reiki differently, both animals and people will generally feel relaxed after a Reiki treatment. Long-term, Reiki works to:

Alleviate anxiety

Reduce stress

Ease separation issues

Increase sense of well-being

Promote physical healing for chronic injuries and illness 

Increase self awareness

Balance energy fields

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“I was very impressed when Caroline called to check on my cat after her visit.”  SG, Hull, MA
Thank you to Free Cat Graphics for the preening cat on this page.
"I was skeptical at first, but after one session with Caroline, I no longer have  the symptoms of plantar faciitis  which had been causing me pain when walking for years despite other interventions . After spending time in a resting position while Caroline "did her thing" I expected the symptoms to be worse than ever, but to my amazement and delight the pain was totally gone! Also, Caroline picked up on conditions I have she could not have known about unless there really is something to her Reiki technique. Thank you Caroline, from the bottom of my heart and the bottoms of my feet!
SB, Trumbull, CT