Lily Rose
Lily Rose is a 4-year-old yellow labrador retriever in who was in kidney failure.  When I met Lily, her prognosis was quite bleak.  She had no energy and her coat was coming off in my hands.  I researched kidney failure and found recommendations for a diet specific to kidney failure in Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide To Natural Health For Dogs & Cats by Richard & Susan Pitcairn.

When I started to treat Lily, she calmed down.  Eventually, she lay down next to me very relaxed, clearly soaking up the Reiki.  Afterwards, she got up and started looking for her toys.  She was much more energetic than when I walked in the door.  I offered Reiki to Lily's human who was quite worried about Lily.  After her brief treatment, Lily's handler understood why Lily liked her Reiki treatment so much.  

The next day, Lily was scheduled to see the vet to have her blood levels checked.  Lily's blood levels improved by nearly 50% and all subsequent blood tests improved.  I gave Lily another Reiki treatment that same week.  That weekend Lily was acting more like her old self, able to run around and play.  The next week, Lily's kidney functions were checked.  They had come back 50%.  Lily's human was able to cut the administration of the subcutaneous hydration treatments in half.  Lily received another Reiki treatment a couple of weeks later.  When I came to Lily's home, Lily looked like she had much more energy, like a typical 4-year-old lab, and her coat was shiny and gorgeous.  Lily was tested again and her blood tests for kidney function were 100% normal and she no longer needs subcutaneous fluids at all!  The vet was very surprised, as most dogs in Lily's initial condition often don't make it.  

 "I am grateful for your care!"  Faye