How do I Get Started?

When you call to make an appointment, I will ask you questions to learn more about what has brought you to Reiki either for you or your animal friend.  

A healing session for your animal friend
Reiki healing sessions for your animal friend takes place in your home.  Upon arrival, we will discuss the animal’s physical and emotional condition and treatments received so far. After getting a history, I will meet with your animal friend for 15-30 minutes to get acquainted and do Reiki. Afterwards, I will share any intuitive or energy impressions received and discuss next steps for your animal’s general health.  

Treating the household . . . 
When your beloved animal friend is sick or has a behavior issue, you as the their friend and caretaker worry about their wellbeing. Animals are in our lives to help us.  They worry about us as much as we worry about them.  In addition to giving your beloved pet a Reiki session, I'll offer a 5-10 minute Reiki session to you (or anyone else in the household) as well.  In my experience, I find that the animals love to see their humans taken care of.  It often eases their anxiety and helps them to heal.

An appointment for you . . .
Reiki healing sessions for people take place in my office.  
Call for location and directions.  

House calls: $60.00/ hour*
Office visits: $60/hour

House calls which require a treatment table: 
$108.00 for first hour, $54.00/hour.

*Special values: Pro-rated sessions and combined rates for you and your pet. 
Gift certificates available.  Call for details.

Distant Reiki treatments for people or animals
$18/half hour

Available for  hospital calls as well (additional fees may apply).

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Ongoing Support . . .

Follow up is important to me.  With your permission, I’d like to call or email you to find out how you or your animal friend faired after the session.  During this time, you can report any changes you noticed in your animal friend or yourself and let me know if you feel the Reiki is helping with your issue(s).

Results after one session can vary.  Reiki has a cumulative effect.  A series of sessions may give you a better idea if Reiki is going to work for you or your animal friend.  

Mentoring Sessions . . . 
If you're already a Reiki Practitioner and would like to know how I started working with animals, I'm available for mentoring sessions.
Phone consultations:  $54/hour